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Design, illustration and play

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Latest experiences and roles

Concept Design Lead

January 2023 - present

THE LEGO GROUP - Billund, Denmark

As part of the Product Development team, conceptualising and designing future play experiences.

Experience Design Manager

From June 2020
To December 2022

Designing, from post-it notes concepts to final execution, Learning Through Play experiences that aim to make children's lives better by making sure that the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon.

Creative Manager

From February 2010 
To June 2020

THE LEGO GROUP - Billund, Denmark
Working hands-on as well as overseeing teams across LEGO's different franchises as Creative Manager Specialist, focusing on creating, developing and leading global Visual Identities and Art Direction.

Visual Designer

From April 2008 
To December 2009

European Space Agency (ESA) - Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Visual Designer at the European Space Agency at ESTEC, based in Noordwijk (The Netherlands), in the Communication and Knowledge Department. Within the Agency I designed ESA publications such as the Bulletin, ESA’s flagship magazine, and several other printed materials - helping spreading and developing ESA’s new Corporate Identity.

In 2016, I have had the honour to design an original patch for ESA’s British astronaut Major Tim Peake in order to help promoting his Principia mission to the International Space Station.

Co-Founder and Art Director

From January 2006
To March 2008

Art director and founder of TOOIMAGE, a company that run a bookshop specialised in graphic design, architecture, fashion and photography, as well as a graphic design studio, in Verona - Italy.

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